1. rule, bar, score, underline, underscore, hairline; mark, stroke, streak, dash, hyphen, virgule, diagonal; marking, inscription, inscript, engraving, incision; scratch, notch, slash, etch, hatching.
2. band, stripe, strip, belt, zone, layer, ring; seam, stitch, joint, weld, commissure; furrow, groove, rut, slit, slot; gutter, ditch, trench, foxhole; wrinkle, crow's foot, crease; scar, cicatrix, cut, gash.
3. row, series, sequence, run, succession, progression; concatenation, catenation, chain, catena, continuum; queue, string, thread, swath, procession, train, Indian file, single file; file, rank, column, tier, bank; parade, motorcade, review, formation, array; caravan, cavalcade, cortege, coffle.
4. verse, stave, strophe, bar, stich, versicle; measure, meter, foot; refrain, note, tune, melody.
5. limit, demarcation, border, edge, rim, curb; periphery, perimeter, compass, margin, circumference, bourn, threshhold, Psychol. limen; fringe, skirt, verge, brink, hem, brim; boundary, frontier, border line, boundary line, line of demarcation.
6. course, procedure, policy, course of action, Latin, modus operandi; practice, technique, routine; scheme, method, system, order, style; manner, way, mode, means; approach, attack, address.
7. direction, course, route, road, lane, avenue, channel; beat, tack, drift, set, path; way, aim, trend, track, bend, range; orientation, collimation, bearing, tenor, tendency, lay, lie.
8. lines outline, contour, figure, features, figuration, configuration; delineation, lineation, lineament, silhouette, profile, cameo.
9. department, office, province, discipline, domain, realm, walk; activity, business, field, specialty, forte, specialization; trade, profession, Inf. racket, Inf. game; line of work, line of business, walk of life; occupation, job, work; vocation, calling, pursuit, venture, career, lifework.
10. descent, parentage. See lineage.
11. thread, string, twine, yarn; wire, fiber, strand, filament, tendril; cord, rope, cable, cordage; strap, strop, thong, chain; ribbon, tape, tape measure, inkle; towline, lanyard, mooring, hawser, painter; clothesline, fishline, ripcord.
12. track, railway line, rail line, railroad line; tramline, tramroad, trolley line, streetcar line, subway line, metro line, Brit. Inf. tube line, elevated railway line; main line, trunk line, feeder line, sidetrack.
13. assortment, stock, merchandise, goods; kind, brand, stamp, sort, type; variety, number, description; color, stripe, grain, make.
14. wire, telegraph line, telephone line; party line, trunk line, private line, WATS line (wide area telecommunications service).
15. draw the line restrict, limit, check, bar, fix, determine; proscribe, confine, constrain, put on the brake, halt, stop, lay down the law, put one's foot down; cut off, interrupt, step in, break off, part company, depart.
16. in linea. straight, in a row, in column, in file; in alignment, right, direct, plumb, true.b. in conformity, in agreement, in accord, in step, in harmony, in rapport, in consonancy.c. under or in control, within bounds, in balance, in moderation, in or within reason.
17.Usu. line up range, align, straighten, bring into line, string out, bank; arrange, array, order, right, put or set in order; list, group, place, fix, dispose, distribute; space, regiment, marshal, rally.
18.Usu. line up secure, get, obtain, procure, acquire; get hold of, come up with, dig up, uncover; sign up, enlist, enroll, contract with; employ, engage, hire.
19. delineate, draw, trace, mark, mark out, Archaic. limn; define, depict, describe, demarcate, delimit; portray, figure, silhouette.
20. rule, score, hatch, underline, underscore; wrinkle, furrow, crease, rut, groove; scratch, scrape, chisel, engrave, cut, inscribe, etch; streak, striate.
21.Usu. line out outline, sketch, rough in, block in; draw up, lay out, draft, trace, chart; devise, plot, frame, make up, project.
22. skirt, hem, embroider, edge, border, rim, form a line along; bound, fringe, margin, marginate, marge; verge, side, adjoin.
1. interline, interlineate, panel, face, back, back up, wainscot, ceil; coat, sheathe, wrap; interlard, inlay, incrust, bush; upholster, paper, wallpaper.
2. cover, drape, curtain, blanket, mantle, cloak; lay over, overlay, spread over, overspread.

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